Literary Titan Book Awards

Hunnie Bunny’s Garden presented with Literary Titan Book Awards

By Deborah Martin

I am proud and overwhelmed to announce that Hunnie Bunny’s Garden has been presented with two Literary Titan Book Awards. Among the Silver Award recipients, Hunnie Bunny’s Garden was the only Children’s Picture Book to receive the award, which “is granted to books that demonstrate notable merit in the realm of literary creation…This award acknowledges books that deliver engaging and inventive content with a distinctive voice…and commends the careful cultivation of unique characters and their placement in an enriching and captivating context…The award is an esteemed recognition of books that exhibit substantial talent, creativity, and commitment to the craft of writing.”

The Gold Literary Titan Book Award was presented to Hunnie Bunny’s Garden in the Children’s Books category for “stories that have captured the hearts of young readers with their whimsical narratives, imaginative worlds and unforgettable characters.” The Literary Titan Gold Book Award “is bestowed upon books that exemplify exceptional standards in the presentation of original content…This award appreciates the meticulous development of unique characters presented in an authentically engaging context…and values the ability to support fresh themes and ideas…This prestigious accolade is a tribute to books that represent an extraordinary achievement in the literary world.”

Congratulations to Hunnie Bunny and my extremely talented illustrator, Sandamali Kamalchandra! Her wonderful illustrations and the development of my characters has made all of this possible!