Readers’ Favorite Editorial Review: Hunnie Bunny’s Garden

Hunnie Bunny’s Garden

By Deborah Martin

Reviewed by Doreen Chombu for Readers’ Favorite

”Hunnie Bunny’s Garden is a children’s picture book written by Deborah Carter Martin with illustrations by Sandamali Kamalchandra. It tells the story of Hunnie Bunny, an adorable gray bunny with a cheerful personality. One beautiful spring day, she ventures into the woods, carrying her tiny basket and wearing her hat. During her walk, she meets Mr. Squirrel and Mr. Frog, who are enjoying what spring has to offer. While taking a break, Hunnie Bunny discovers some seeds scattered on the ground and decides to put them into her basket to plant in her garden. After planting the seeds, she waters them and waits patiently for them to germinate. When they finally sprout, they grow into a beautiful garden. Read this book to join Hunnie Bunny on her gardening adventure.

Hunnie Bunny’s Garden is a delightful children’s storybook that teaches kids about gardening and vegetables. It is the first installment in the Hunnie Bunny Children’s Picture Book Series by Deborah Carter Martin, which follows Hunnie Bunny’s exciting adventures. The author aims to introduce young readers to the joys and benefits of gardening by listing various vegetables like carrots, radishes, squash, and more that they can plant in their gardens. I appreciated how the author emphasized the importance of patience and hard work in vegetable gardening. Hunnie Bunny diligently watered her garden every day, and by the time summer came around, her garden was in full bloom. She was also smart enough to store some seeds for the next farming season. Hunnie Bunny’s enthusiasm is contagious, and the illustrations perfectly capture her emotions. The colorful artwork vividly showcases the lush greenery, making the book eye-catching. Overall, I enjoyed this book and highly recommend adding it to your children’s library.”

5 Stars

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